Recycled Mats

Save the planet and your floor with our unbelievable recycled floor mats! These durable floor mats are machine woven from recycled polypropylene to create an astonishingly lightweight finish. The benefit of woven recycled plastic is a soft, warm surface to walk or lie on that washes clean.

Brighten your home or stand out in the crowd with our unique floor mat designs

Our exclusive floor mat designs are commissioned from Aboriginal, Maori and Polynesian artists in limited numbers. You can display your culture with pride or just appreciate the artwork and craftsmanship of these distinctive washable floor mats.

The durable material and luxurious feel of our recycled mats are:

Comfortable: Uniquely washable soft floor coverings for the kids play mat and deliciously warm underfoot in the kitchen

Portable: The lightweight weave rolls tightly and transports for camping, picnics, the park and beach. A growing favourite at festivals and sporting events!

Stylish: Our bold designs are reversible offering two colour schemes to play with.

Hygienic: Esential around children, our mould resistant, washable floor mats wipe clean or hose down.

Educational: A favourite item for childcare educators, our mats introduce different cultures to children and the bold designs are stimulating baby playmats.

Resilient: The machine woven threads are UV treated to survive in and outdoors.

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